As a way of increasing my motivation for photography, and to stretch my creativity I have decided to set myself 12 photography challenges to complete throughout 2017 – and here they are:

  1. Update My Website Once A Week Without Fail | Week 27 / 52 Update done
  2. Upload One Photo A Month To 500px And Receive An 80+ Rating | 2 months behind
  3. Keep (And Use) A Camera In My Car At All Times | The Camera is in the car, people!  This is happening.
  4. Collect 12 “Red Things” In The Camera | 5 red things so far
  5. Photograph A Sporting Event | Done.  Piddle Wood Plod.
  6. Create 12 Macro Abstracts | 4 Macro Abstract created
  7. Upload 365 photographs to Instagram | 183 / 365 uploaded
  8. One Day One Lens | Not Yet Started
  9. No Zoom Today | Not Yet Started
  10. Black And White Fortnight | Not Yet Started
  11. Play With Lights | Not Yet Started
  12. A New Take On A Familiar Place | Not Yet Started

Please check back here often for progress updates, or if you’d like to give these challenges a go yourself please do and let me know how you get on.