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Don’t Forget The Archive

One of the many advantages of digital photography is the sheer amount of photographs you can take – it’s only limited by the amount of storage you have (on your memory card, your hard drives, your cloud storage, …).

One of the many disadvantages of digital photography is the sheer amount of photographs you can take…

That’s where the archive comes in.  I’m sure every photographer has one?  You file away all of your photos on any kind of storage device you like, edit the ones that you like most at the time, and then leave the rest behind.

Until the day comes that you decided to go back through these images, either seeking past inspiration, or just out of curiosity – and then all of a sudden you find a gem of an image just waiting for you.  Why didn’t you notice it the first time around?  Who knows?  Anyway, that is the beauty of having a backlog of archived shots… you get to revisit and rework older shots and elevate them from their dusty resting place to a fresh new post on the internet.

This is an especially good thing to do when getting out and about taking new photographs is not an option (as has been the case for me over the past month or so).


The images below, all new, fresh edits were shot several years ago, waiting for the right time to shine:

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