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Prologue: Getting Ready For The Mother City


It’s time once again for my wife and I to pack our suitcases, sort out exactly which camera gear to take, and generally worry about all of the things we simply must take with us and absolutely cannot forget – but probably will.

We are heading to South Africa in the morning, that’s almost 9,000 miles away; pretty much straight down.  This will be the first time that I have ever been below the equator, which is quite exciting and long overdue.

There is a lot to look forward to “down there”, but one particular added bonus to this trip is that we are going to enjoy a friend’s wedding whilst we are there, more on this at the appropriate time.

For now, sit back, relax, and hope that we have an adventurous – though not too adventurous – time exploring The Mother City and surrounding areas.

Until tomorrow…

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  1. Richard B-G 22nd October 2017

    Have a great trip!
    Safe travels with happy landings and have lots of fun.
    I look forward to seeing some awesome photos from you!

  2. mrgdog 23rd October 2017

    Safe journey. Mum and I and Jerry are looking forward to reading all about your adventures south of the equator.

  3. Barnaby Washington 23rd October 2017

    Hello and best wishes for your adventure down under. What a thing to have all one’s children on the other side of the equator!
    Have a great time, we are looking forward to following you all the way!

    • scott 23rd October 2017 — Post author

      Thank you. We hope to keep you updated as regularly as possible.

  4. Barnaby Washington 23rd October 2017

    I like the greeting in Boer language.

    • scott 23rd October 2017 — Post author

      Well done Barney, I am going to put an Afrikaans word or phrase at the start of each entry… or at least until I run out of words.

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