The Stone Lion

This stone carving, combining elements of a lion and the “green man” lives in a pillar is Pisa, Italy. What did this image teach me? Well, I’m not sure I’ve learned this yet but I do know that there’s a lot of hidden meaning behind these kind of iconographic carvings. I just need to research …

Episode 006 – Bridge 62

In this episode we spend the whole day travelling along the Ashby Canal, to get to Bridge 62 (to gather our first Silver Propeller evidence). The day was mostly spending following other boats in a long, slow convoy – so we’ve tried to speed up some of the journey.

The Man

Here’s an old man, with some awesome hair and a flat cap. What did this image teach me? Flat caps are cool? I don’t know?

Hello Oscar

I do like the Oscars, all the glitz and the glamour – it would be a dream come true to attend the ceremony, but given that I am very unlikely to become a world famous actor, director, producer, or screenwriter the chances of me going in person are pretty remote. I have been to where …

Palm Blue

Doesn’t this palm tree just put you in mind of sunny, summer getaways…. I wonder if we will ever get back to travelling, the way we used to? What did this image teach me? There are over 2,500 different species of palm tree!