A New Year, A New Set Of Challenges


So, here we are… 2017, can you believe it?  No, me neither.  Anyway, now that 2016 is out of the way it’s time to focus on the year ahead.  Which can mean only one thing:  it’s time to re-introduce my photography challenges.

In years gone by I have used photography challenges as a way of increasing my motivation and pushing my photography into new and interesting places.  More recently I have had to focus on other life missions outside of photography (buying a house, getting married, changing job, etc…) and my photography challenges fell slightly by the wayside.  But this year they’re back, and in a big way.

Throughout the whole of 2017 I will attempt to complete the below list of challenges (some are easier than others), and you’re more than welcome to join me (why not get in touch and let me know your progress).

  1. Update My Website Once A Week Without Fail
  2. Upload One Photo A Month To 500px And Receive An 80+ Rating
  3. Keep (And Use) A Camera In My Car At All Times
  4. Collect 12 “Red Things” In The Camera
  5. Photograph A Sporting Event
  6. Create 12 Macro Abstracts
  7. Upload 365 photographs to Instagram
  8. One Day One Lens
  9. No Zoom Today
  10. Black And White Fortnight
  11. Play With Lights
  12. A New Take On A Familiar Place

So there we have it: 12 months, 12 challenges.  Let the photography begin!

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