Chapter Eight: On The Waterfront



Our final morning arrived, and I have to say we have had a great time but we are looking forward to coming home.

The V&A Waterfront Ferris Wheel.

As we’re on an evening flight home that gave us the whole morning to enjoy a final look around the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.

We had breakfast out in the open, and though the service was very slow (30 minutes from ordering to delivery seemed a long time for breakfast) the results were superb.

Apart from the apple juice which tasted ok but looked absolutely vile.

A delicious but hideous looking apple juice


After eating we spent the rest of the morning mooching around the shops, looking at anything and everything. Prices seemed quite comparable to England for most things, but there may have been one or two bargains to be had, if you knew where to look.

A replica figurehead, a copy of one found washed up over a hundred years ago


Then, as the time rushed by, we found ourselves having lunch in the Harbour House. Despite how delicious the menu made for sound we seemed to have ordered a cylinder of raw meat and a dollop of green leaves, alongside a huge plateful of gnocchi with orangey bits (I’ve been reliably told these were butternut squash, but I’m not 100% convinced). The gnocchi was nice, the raw meat was largely untouched.

Then that was it, time leave Cape Town and head to the airport.

Some African art on display in Cape Town

Once we’d figured out which road we needed to take (figuring out involved a bit of last minute lane swapping and beeping from local drivers), then the drive was smooth and easy going.

Handing back our very dirty, but well loved Mercedes C180 hire car took no time at all.

At the airport in Cape Town

We passed through security without a hitch, which is always a relief, and settled into the lounge.  There was time to sample some Stellenbosch fizzy wine, have a sandwich or two, and a shower.

The BA lounge

The final leg of this trip, covering the journey home, will be the final entry of this South African travel blog and should be posted tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Chapter Eight: On The Waterfront

  1. I have read the last two blogs together. I got a bit muddled with time, but I think I have finally caught up with everything on skype just now.

    So glad you’ve seen a penguin, hope there will be more pictures when you arrive home?!

    Table mountain sounds rather an ordeal but you have showed us some beautiful scenery, the pictures are gorgeous. The only off one was the apple juice at breakfast! No picture in the shower?!

    Safe journey home

  2. Excellent pictures taken from atop Table Mountain but it sounds as though you deserved an OBE to get there……our gain, your loss perhaps?!

    Pen adores the penguin photo which looks similar in size to the Galapagos penguin which is one of our favorite birds in the world especially as they came and swam around us when we were snorkeling. They were inquisitive, playful, fast and totally unafraid of humans.

    Safe trip home.

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