Looking Back at 2015

Take A Picture

This year has been a very busy one for me, enjoyable but busy, and (although I know the year isn’t over yet) I have capped it all off with a new publication – called Take A Picture.

It contains over 200 pictures all produced (and mostly shot) in 2015, between January & November.

It’s broken down into several sections, covering portraits, nature, travel, a tour of the Harry Potter film studio, and a miscellaneous section for everything I couldn’t quite fit anywhere else?

Why am I mentioning this? For a number of reasons – firstly, because I am feeling very contemplative at the moment, secondly because I’m relaunching my blog (and this is the first post), but mostly because I’m very pleased with the book (which is available in printed form, via blurb)

Here’s a small gallery of some of the shots that you can find in the book – these images sum up 2015 for me:

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