Missed Marple

There is room for a little more in this story of canal barging and adventure… the Not-So Famous Five delivered the Glaucous Gull, our boat for the week, back to the marina as early as possible.  Trevor drove her in, and did a fine job of it, even if the arrival at the marina caught him by surprise.

Within moments we’d unpacked the boat and driven our cars around, ready to be loaded up. The cars were covered in tree mess (pollen, bits of twig, etc) and a very poorly bird had clearly chosen our vehicles as it’s toilet.  We also needed the jump leads to get Trevor’s car up and running.

Then it was over.  It was all so sudden.

Elaine and Trevor set off home, and unfortunately got stuck in heavy traffic for most of their journey.

The Captain, Jerry, and I drove to Marple, to look at the broken lock staircase that prevented us from completing the entire Cheshire Ring.  They appeared to have fixed the broken lock itself, replacing many of the huge stone bricks on one side of the lock, but not the towpath. It was still drained of water.

We then visited a couple of National Trust properties (Dunham Massey and Little Moreton Hall), delaying our return home for a few hours.

Dunham Massey was a large property, with a deer park attached. Jerry found this fascinating, and wanted to become friends with all the wildlife in the park – especially the squirrels. He wasn’t too bothered about the deer, and they weren’t fussed by him.

Little Moreton Hall was, as the name implies, a smaller property but perhaps a bit more interesting. It was a quirky Tudor building, all wooden beams and wonky floors.

After that, there was nothing else for it but to head home.  Holiday done.

Some facts to finish off:

We travelled 150 miles on the boat.

We ran the engine for 74 hours.

We travelled through 130 locks.

We used £125 worth of fuel.

I walked just under 45 miles of canal towpath (almost a third of the journey!)

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