Prologue: The Day Before It All Began


Welcome to the travel / holiday / misadventure blog following four friends as they journey from England into Wales and back again, all along the Llangollen Canal.  It’s currently the day before we set off, and right now there’s a lot of organising still to be done.  There’s so much to think about, so many items that you simply must bring on a canal holiday and can’t afford to forget that it’s all a little daunting.  At least, that’s how it feels right now.  There’s a lot of packing left to be done.

We will be ready, I have no doubt. 

All four of us are here now (it’s Friday evening), and enjoying a chat, accompanied by our friends Mr Cider and Miss Pink.  We’ve started this booze cruise holiday as we mean to go on!

For those of you following along, the maps will start tomorrow as will the photos. 

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