The Night Before…



Hello all. How are you? Ready to join us on another adventurous nautical holiday? I hope so, as we (that is the Captain, Midshipman Jerry, and I – recently promoted to acting First Mate) are just about to set off on another watery trip.

Have we packed everything? Maybe. Are we ready? Just about. Do we know where we are going? Not really – but it’ll be fun finding out.

We hope you enjoy following along.

6 thoughts on “The Night Before…

  1. Bon voyage to the Captain, Mr Mate and Midshipman Jerry. We are all looking forward to joining you on your adventures this week. Have a great time!

  2. ………….As if the Government haven’t got enough to worry about already, now they have a potential crisis on England’s inland waterways and canals on their minds as well!
    Seriously though, have a great journey wherever you go and we look forward to hearing all the yarns along the way.

    1. We will make sure to file an ID10T report in full, should any mishaps occur (and with me driving the boat, the chances are high!)

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