The Return Journey



And so, the last day of this wonderful holiday has arrived.

We got up and packed a few things, had breakfast then packed a few more – until everything was done, and there were no more excuses. It only took about 30 minutes to go from being moored up almost in the middle of nowhere, to mooring up at the boat hire site.

We passed a few happy narrowboaters on our way, their adventures were just beginning as ours was coming to an end.

But we mustn’t end on a downbeat note, it’s been a great week and after emptying the boat, and filling up the car (the Midshipman had pride of place on the back seat), we decided to make the most of our time in Wales and head to a small collection of National Trust sites.

First up was Dinefwr Park, on the other side of the Brecon Beacons, this park comprises of a ruined castle and a stately home, plus plenty of grounds to wander around.

The Captain, the Midshipman, and I chose to walk up to the ruined castle first. The hill leading up to the castle was thigh-burstingly steep, but we made it. Sadly so did a whole gathering of others, the place was heaving with people.

After a brief exploration of the ruin, we headed back down to the car via a walk through the woods and across a field. The Midshipman, still recovering from his very active weak, was ready for a sleep and so we left him in the car (windows down, plus it wasn’t too hot) and ventured into the house.

As with a lot of National Trust properties, it offered an interesting mix of “upstairs” and “downstairs” life, showing what it was like for the wealthy family and their servants.

The next stop for the day was a few miles down the road (and up a steep hill) to Paxton’s Tower, which is a folly at the top of a hill and can be seen for miles around. Built as a kind of memorial to Lord Nelson, it was often used as a banquet hall.

The final location, a small Georgian-era village called Cwmdo that is now owned by the National Trust. It took us only a few minutes to investigate, snapping one or two photos and then moving on.

It was time to drive home, no point prolonging the inevitable any more.

And that was it, holiday done and dusted. Reality is now kicking in, once again.

However! Stay tuned, as in a few short weeks we will be going through all of this one more time, when the Not So Famous Five Go Barging Again!

See you then,

Acting First Mate

3 thoughts on “The Return Journey

  1. Many thanks.
    I felt I was almost with you on the journey! Now I’ve got that sinking feeling of going back to work tomorrow and yet I’m retired…… Silly me!

  2. Ah! I feel just as sad as you all do that it’s over. Never mind, as you say the next voyage isn’t so far off and you can start to look forward to it. Thank you for a very entertaining week.

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