The Tomb of the Kings

This underground column structure forms part of the “Tomb of the Kings”, a UNESCO World Heritage site that you can find in Paphos, Cyprus.

It is actually a necropolis, which is essentially a cemetery (the original Greek means “city of the dead”).

The tombs, built about 2,500 years ago (give or take a century), were designed to be the resting place for the deceased, however some  closely resemble living quarters from that time.

In this particular image, you can see the elaborate Doric columns that might just be fitting for the burial chamber of a King.  Unfortunately the name of the necropolis is a little misleading, as no royalty was ever buried here – instead it refers to the overly grand nature of the tombs themselves, not the residents.

These days they are a very popular tourist attraction in Western Cyprus, and to get this shot (without a single human in it) took a great deal of patience.  I had to wait for everyone to either walk out of frame, or be hidden behind one of the columns.


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