Category: National Trust Properties

  • Castle Stone

    Castle Stone

    This is a small section of the last castle to be built in England; Castle Drogo.

  • Drogo Window

    Drogo Window

    This is one of the large, bright windows you can find in Castle Drogo, the last castle built in England.

  • The Wooden Window

    The Wooden Window

    Here’s an interesting, and slightly random thing… a wooden window built into an old stone wall. I found this at Snows Hill, a National Trust property.

  • A Golden(ish) Globe(ish)

    A Golden(ish) Globe(ish)

    It’s not quite golden, it’s not quite a globe – but it is almost both! This delightful item can be found at Snows Hill, a National Trust property.

  • The White Lady

    The White Lady

    This statue is hidden amongst the greenery at A La Ronde, a National Trust property in Devon.

  • The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

    The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

    This old castle stands on the peak of Holy Island, a small island off the North-East coast of England. The first records of this place come from the 6th Century AD, although the small castle shown in this photograph was built around 1550.

  • Tudor Homes

    Tudor Homes

    This is a snippet of the Tudor buildings at Little Moreton Hall. It took around a century for the Moreton family to complete the building of this opulent family home.

  • Kingston Lacy

    Kingston Lacy

    The house at Kingston Lacy may not be open (due to this seemingly endless pandemic), but it still makes for an impressive site when viewed from the grounds. What did this image teach me? The house was designed by Sir Roger Pratt four centuries ago. Sir Roger Pratt was the first English architect to receive…

  • The Metal Fish

    The Metal Fish

    This chinese-themed fish stands atop the Chinese House, hidden away in the grounds of Stowe, a National Trust garden that houses many unusual follies and outbuildings. The Chinese House itself has been on the grounds of Stowe since the mid-1700s. It’s a small, fragile hut and is given great care and attention these days, and…