• A Clear Cold Sky

    A Clear Cold Sky

    Here’s a photo from a few years ago… it seems appropriate for the current cold spell we’re going through. This image was taken whilst exploring Exmoor.

  • Rothschild’s Giraffe

    Rothschild’s Giraffe

    Here we have 3 examples of a Rothschild’s Giraffe, one of the nine subspecies of Giraffe; known as Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi in some circles. These majestic creatures were named after Walter Rothschild, the slightly maverick zoologist (by today’s standards, at least) who once own a zebra-drawn carriage that he used to drive to Buckingham Palace…

  • Episode 054 – Cruising the Cut

    Episode 054 – Cruising the Cut

    In this episode we continue our cruise along the Oxford Canal, travelling from Somerton Deep Lock to Enslow. We also have a small correction to make from our last video (we confused our Twyfords!). Featuring: Somerton Somerton Deep Lock Heyford Common Lock Heyford Wharf Dashwood’s Lock Northbrook Lock Kirtlington Pigeon’s Lock Enslow

  • Episode 053 – It Takes Two!

    Episode 053 – It Takes Two!

    In this episode we travel from just before Grant’s Lock to Somerton Deep Lock on the Oxford Canal. Join us as we negotiate several locks and lift bridges, as well as some maintenance work. Plus, find out what we made of Twyford. PS – look out for our first attempt at visual effects! Featuring: Nadkey…

  • Episode 52 – Crossing Banbury

    Episode 52 – Crossing Banbury

    Hello everyone, sorry it’s been a little while but unfortunately life got in the way of this latest video. Still, we’re back! Follow us as we travel from Elkington Lock through Banbury, before mooring up just the other side. In this video you will learn some more about Oxford Canal’s great history, and see some…

  • Green and Pointy

    Green and Pointy

    Here’s a very green and pointy thing…

  • Episode 051 – Lock Lobster

    Episode 051 – Lock Lobster

    In this episode we continue our journey back down the Oxford Canal, passing through the Claydon lock flight. We also find a special guest star – watch the whole video to find out. Featuring: Fenny Marina Fenny Compton Tunnel Claydon Lock Flight

  • The Plymouth Seabeast

    The Plymouth Seabeast

    Not far from where the Mayflower set off from Plymouth all those centuries ago, you’ll find this incredible sea creature.

  • The Coffee Shop Pirate

    The Coffee Shop Pirate

    I found this pirate taking liberties in Brixham, Devon.

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