Climbing to who knows where?!

Use The Handrail

I liked the way the light gave the impression that the steps could be ascending to… anywhere.

Columns of stone

Beneath The Earth The Columns Stood

a very interesting place this, an old king’s tomb full of columns and sand.

Small, red flowers growing up through the rocks

Little Red Flowers

I found these poppies all alone, growing up out of a rock, just tall enough to reach the sunshine.

All The Colours of the Rainbow

Shooting At Midnight (aka my experience with 24 Hours In Bristol 2016)

Last month I took part in a unique photography competition, entitled “24 Hours in Bristol“. ┬áThe basic premise is that you get allotted a single hour within a…

Scottish land and sky

A Line In The Sound

Something about the wind blowing through the grass, the cloud cover, and the line in the sand drew me to this shot.  

An abstract view

The Prison Window

This is a prison window from a medieval prison, it let in just a tiny fraction of light into the otherwise pitch black prison cell.

these interesting looking spoon-ladle-paddle-things can be found in the large kitchen at Saltram

Kitchen Kit

I’m not exactly sure what these things are, but they were very shiny and hanging in the kitchen in Saltram house.

These flowers, pretty as they are, are definitely fake.  They're arranged beautifully, and sat in Saltram.

Fake Flowers

Fake flowers, pretty but not quite the real thing.F

Not something you see every day.

Bucket and String

Found this interesting little bucket hanging from a tree, at Saltram (a national trust property in Devon).

Castle in the snow

The Castle In The Snow

This is Dunnotar Castle, in the snow – the snow hasn’t been added, it’s genuine, and actually it was a lot worse than this looks in real life.