Burrow Mump

Another view of Burrow Mump (you know, one of my favourite places)…


The Duomo of Florence

This very impressive dome can be found in Florence, Italy.


The Sunset Tree

This is a re-edit of an older shot. This tree stands on the edge of Burrow Mump, and it caught the light beautifully.


Alfred’s Tower in the Fog

I ventured all the way over to Wiltshire today, to see Alfred’s Tower, an impressive three-sided folly near Stourhead house and gardens. I believe it belonged to King…


On The Stairs

A bit of portrait practice – feeling a little rusty at the moment, it seems like a long time since I last picked up the camera…


The Inca Tern

This small, swift seabird is an Inca Tern. It usually has a very bright orange beak, but I decided that this image looks better in black and white….


The Eyes In The Water

These two sharp eyes belong to a very large salt-water crocodile. He didn’t let me out of his sight the whole time I was watching him.


The Dalmatian Pelican

This fine feathered friend is a Dalmatian pelican.


The Christmas Corridor

I found this festive corridor at Knightshayes, in Tiverton Somerset. Something about the light and the all of the angles appealed to me.


Dog On The Rocks

Here’s Barney standing proudly on the rocks at the beach. He really likes like he owns the place…