Category: Unusual Observations

  • The Plymouth Seabeast

    The Plymouth Seabeast

    Not far from where the Mayflower set off from Plymouth all those centuries ago, you’ll find this incredible sea creature.

  • The Coffee Shop Pirate

    The Coffee Shop Pirate

    I found this pirate taking liberties in Brixham, Devon.

  • The Hidden Glow

    The Hidden Glow

    Here’s another take on yesterday’s lightbulb in a tree… I know it’s an odd image but there’s something about the glow of those filaments in their glass container, hidden behind so many leaves that really appeals to me.

  • Tree Light

    Tree Light

    How often do you see a lightbulb nestled into the branches of a tree? In my experience, not often (although tune in again tomorrow for another variation on this).

  • Bucharest 1459

    Bucharest 1459

    As I explored the streets of Bucharest I came across several of these clocks. I’m not entirely sure if they exist for decorative purposes or if they’re supposed to be useable? You see, it definitely wasn’t almost half past four (morning or evening) when I took this photograph.

  • Head and Shoulders

    Head and Shoulders

    Corneliu Coposu was born in Transylvania in 1916, he played a key role in uniting Transylvania with the Romanian state. He was a keen proponent of tolerance and inclusivity, which lead him into a political life. He spent many years in prison for his beliefs, including an eight year stint in solitary confinement.

  • Scottish Rocks

    Scottish Rocks

    These rocks stand ancient and strong near the top end of the Isle of Skye. I think there’s something distinctly otherworldly about this location. It could almost be Mars, couldn’t it?

  • Magical Time

    Magical Time

    Here’s another shot of this impressive (and very large) pendulum. It’s on display in the Harry Potter studio tour.

  • The Wizard’s Pendulum

    The Wizard’s Pendulum

    This huge, swinging pendulum can be found in the Harry Potter studio tour, and whilst it features in several of the films, it is not mentioned at all within the original books.