These boats, sitting quietly on the shore at Salen, on the Isle of Mull, have become something of a tourist attraction. They are very picturesque. This shot was taken a few years ago, it would be good to go back one of these days and see how much they’ve changed.

Old Boat Detail

This is a close of up colourful, abandoned boats on the shores of Mull. I don’t know how long they’ve been there but given their general state of repair it must’ve been quite some time.

Dubai Boat

You can find all sorts of boats running up and down the coast in Dubai, from huge, expensive yachts to these tiny wooden vessels. The flag sat over the top of this boat is the flag of the UAE. It was designed in 1971 and the four colours are said to represent the unity between …

Little White Boat

There’s been something of a theme running through September’s photographs, I’m not sure if you noticed… most picture have either been from Scotland or featuring boats. This one combines both, as this little white boat was sat quite happily on a small loch in the Highlands of Scotland. What did this image teach me? That …

Boat Upon Reflection

The angle of the early morning sun and the stillness of the water gave this boat a fantastic reflection. What did this image teach me? To appreciate just how reflective still water can be, and what a difference that can make to an image.

The River Boat

This is a view of the River Dart, and a single boat waiting for its owner to come along and sail away. What did this image teach me? That sometimes removing the colour from a shot enhances the overall image – the full colour version of this one shows the somewhat unappealing murky brown water …