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  • Burrow Mump (from the archive)

    Burrow Mump (from the archive)

    Here’s a location that I haven’t posted about in a while! Yep, it’s a couple of older shots of Burrow Mump (from almost a decade ago) that have never seen the light of day before.

  • Burrow Mump – Flood Water

    Burrow Mump – Flood Water

    Here’s a long shot of Burrow Mump, surrounded by wintry flood water.

  • The Sky Above

    The Sky Above

    You didn’t think I’d let a month go by without posting a shot of Burrow Mump, did you? Especially when the theme is landscapes. Here is the famous ruined church on its hill, with a rather ominous sky above.

  • Through the Archway

    Through the Archway

    Here’s another shot of Burrow Mump (last one for a while, I promise), bathed in evening sunlight.

  • Mump in the Mist

    Mump in the Mist

    It’s been a while, so here’s a shot of Burrow Mump. This was taken last week, just before sunrise. The low-lying mist is just visible.

  • Drone Footage Test #2

    Drone Footage Test #2

    Here is my second attempt at using a drone, this time focusing on the ruined church known as Burrow Mump.  I’ve pieced together a couple of minutes of footage, it’s a bit raw and unprofessional but please keep in mind that I am teaching myself how to use a drone so it’ll probably take me…

  • Cloud, Church, Sheep

    Cloud, Church, Sheep

    Keeping with the theme from the past few days, here’s an image that combines both sheep and a church in one. It is, of course, Burrow Mump. I promise not to post too many shots of this place.

  • Burrow Mump – Green & Grey

    Burrow Mump – Green & Grey

    I know, I know.. I have sooo many (too many?) photos of Burrow Mump. That’s not going to stop me posting another one though, is it? I mean, I’ve been posting photos of Burrow Mump on and off for about 15 years, so why stop now? Anyway, here’s today’s version… a simple composition, sure, but…

  • Burrow Mump

    Burrow Mump

    As you will probably know already, this is perhaps my favourite location to photograph, and I having been visiting here for many years. What did this image teach me? This shot was originally taken seven years ago, and lost in the archive ever since; so it taught me to never stop searching through old photos…