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  • Square, Circle, Sphere

    Square, Circle, Sphere

    He’s an odd looking thing, perfect for a theme all about random objects. Can you guess what this is?

  • Lines and Circles

    Lines and Circles

    This is a somewhat abstract view of a multi-storey car park.

  • Circles in the Ceiling

    Circles in the Ceiling

    This unusual and somewhat abstract shot was taken in Dubai, whilst exploring one of the many large shopping malls they have there.

  • So Many Stones

    So Many Stones

    “At midnight by the Tolman, upon the River Teign. The shears within its water, shall carve thy weal or bane”. “Strike on thy left, then on thy right.” – the legend of the Grey Whethers These standing stones, the Grey Whethers, can be found on Dartmoor. The Legend of the Grey Whethers can be found…