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  • Crane in the Rain

    Crane in the Rain

    Here’s a red crowned crane, standing in the rain.

  • Red-Crowned Crane

    Red-Crowned Crane

    In Chinese mythology, these birds carry immortals between heaven and earth. Now, how cool is that? This taught me that rain really can add an element to an image, those ripples on the water really appeal to me.

  • Wearing The Crown

    Wearing The Crown

    This is a Crowned Crane – and would you just look at that hairstyle! Unlike other cranes, Crowned Cranes nest in trees (thank you, Google).

  • Crowned Crane

    Crowned Crane

    This delightfully startled looking bird is a Crowned Crane. What did this image teach me? Consider your background, in this case I was able to capture a very grassy looking background which makes it difficult to know exactly where this shot was taken.

  • A Shock of Red Feathers

    A Shock of Red Feathers

    This is the unmistakable head of a Red-Crowned Crane (also known as the Japanese Crane), it is one of the rarest cranes in the world. What did this image teach me? Cranes feature in quite a few ancient far-Eastern myths, and the Red-Crowned crane was often a symbol of longevity and immortality.