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  • The Blue Door

    The Blue Door

    It may not be immediately obvious, but this is another shot from Brixham.

  • The Red Door

    The Red Door

    If you know where to look in Edinburgh, you can find this distinctive red door.

  • The Green Door Lion

    The Green Door Lion

    This month is dedicated to random objects, which is a broad subject but one that I am looking forward to working through. We start with a lion shaped door-knocker, found recently in the city of York.

  • The Door

    The Door

    I know it’s a simple shot, and not to everyone’s tastes, but I like this simple, wooden doorway. I wonder what’s behind this door?

  • The Cave Door

    The Cave Door

    There’s a whole underground world of caves and corridors beneath the earth in Reims, France. In this world, you will find things like this cave door, and millions upon millions of bottles of champagne. What did this image teach me? That shooting in very low light conditions requires a steady hand, and preferably something to…