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  • Silky White

    Silky White

    I really liked the silky texture of this flower. It was blooming in the boughs of a large tree. The light was great, and really helped with this shot.

  • The Tall One

    The Tall One

    Sometimes you’ve just got to reach for the sky…

  • The White Petals

    The White Petals

    Some more of Mother Nature’s artwork – green on white this time. These delicate petals were definitely enjoying their time in the sun.

  • Dandelion Detail

    Dandelion Detail

    This is an extreme close up of Taraxacum or dandelion if you prefer.

  • Bee Happy

    Bee Happy

    I don’t really know how you tell if a bumble bee is happy, but this one seemed to be, to me. He was just buzzing around, landing wherever and whenever he wanted. Looked like happiness to me.

  • Little One

    Little One

    Another day, another daisy – this single flower found a home in the middle of the lawn, sprouting up between the freshly cut blades of grass.

  • Daisy Green

    Daisy Green

    In photography, as in life, it is easy to overlook the simple things, like daisies sprouting up through the grass.

  • Green & White

    Green & White

    Mother Nature certainly knows how to put on a good display, from the very big to the very small – such as these tiny white flowers.

  • Days Eye

    Days Eye

    Now here’s a daisy, a common flower in these parts – so common in fact that people call it a weed! Shame really, as daisies are quite pretty little flowers. What did this image teach me? To appreciate the small things in this world.