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  • Green and Pointy

    Green and Pointy

    Here’s a very green and pointy thing…

  • The Ivy Tree

    The Ivy Tree

    This shot is in 16 x 9 format, which is the same aspect ratio that you get in cinemas and modern TVs. I wanted this image to have something of a cinematic feel, as though someone had just paused a film. The dense greenery could be hiding anything…

  • The Pepper Heart

    The Pepper Heart

    This is a close up view of the seeds inside a green bell pepper. Slightly gross, and slightly intriguing I think.

  • Most Expensive

    Most Expensive

    10 years ago the most expensive photo ever sold turned out to be a somewhat dull photo of some grass and sky? No? Well the check out the link below: Andreas Gursky’s Rhein II So, I was thinking if that abstract photo can fetch nearly $5,000,000 then why can’t one of my pictures? Here’s one…

  • Bubbles in Teal

    Bubbles in Teal

    Water provides so many unique opportunities for creating abstract shapes, here’s another one (I promise not to fixate on water-based images for too much longer)…

  • Ceiling Squares

    Ceiling Squares

    And here we go again, it’s time for a new theme. August is going to be all about abstract, or as the internet would put it: “Relating to or denoting art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but rather seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, colours, and textures.” The Internet This month…

  • Red-crested Turaco

    Red-crested Turaco

    Thank you to everyone who helped me identify this bird. I can confirm it is a red-crested Turaco. It is native to western Angola, and is a frugivore (fruit eater).

  • Blue & Green

    Blue & Green

    Two of the three species of Peacock are native to India, and they carry a lot of cultural weight, for example the Hindu god of war rides a peacock.

  • Fern


    Here are some fern fronds growing out of an old stone wall. I found this somewhere in the Highlands of Scotland.