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  • The Hidden Glow

    The Hidden Glow

    Here’s another take on yesterday’s lightbulb in a tree… I know it’s an odd image but there’s something about the glow of those filaments in their glass container, hidden behind so many leaves that really appeals to me.

  • Tree Light

    Tree Light

    How often do you see a lightbulb nestled into the branches of a tree? In my experience, not often (although tune in again tomorrow for another variation on this).

  • Iced Leaves

    Iced Leaves

    The last leaves clinging onto the tree, edged by snow and ice. Brrr….

  • The Yellow Leaf

    The Yellow Leaf

    As Autumn takes a turn towards Winter, there are plenty of fallen leaves on the ground around here.

  • Whiteness


    Here’s a pair of abstract images, examining the colour (or is it combination of colours?) that is white…

  • The Last Leaf

    The Last Leaf

    As odd as this may sound, I felt sorry for this solitary leaf as I watched it fall from the tree, only to end up in the mud where it was eventually trodden on by a careless boot-wearing passer by (not me). I’m not sure what that says about me, the leaf, or boot-wearer but…

  • Leaf Light

    Leaf Light

    Photography means drawing with light, and to me that is summed up in this image – its all about the light, and the lines of the leaves.

  • The Orange Leaf

    The Orange Leaf

    This may not be the greatest photo of a leaf ever taken, however I like it for a couple of reasons – firstly, I enjoy the detail in all the little veins running through the leaf, and secondly I remember it being quite a tricky shot to get, holding the leaf in one hand, angling…

  • Maple Leaves

    Maple Leaves

    This is a close up of a Japanese Maple leaf, they produce such beautifully rich colours in the Autumn To pay close attention to both colour and composition when constructing a shot.