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  • Snow Lines

    Snow Lines

    So there are parts of Britain that get snow regularly, and there are other parts (my neck of the woods) where snow is something of a rarity. Yet it does sometimes happen, as evidenced here…

  • Racing Lines

    Racing Lines

    Here’s another black and white abstract image, a selection of racing lines (seems appropriate with the Paralympics going on right now)…

  • Bedding Planes

    Bedding Planes

    Some interesting and abstract bedding planes, if you know where to go you can find these cracking rock formations in Cornwall.

  • Lines and Circles

    Lines and Circles

    This is a somewhat abstract view of a multi-storey car park.

  • Building Lines

    Building Lines

    Another shot from the archives, an unusual view of a tall building… it’s all about the lines. What did this image teach me? Photographs of buildings can come in all shapes and sizes.