Tag: Lion

  • The Golden Lion

    The Golden Lion

    The MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas is famous for having these huge golden lions outside (it used to have real ones inside but fortunately animal welfare rules forced them into retirement).

  • Victoria’s Golden Lion

    Victoria’s Golden Lion

    This rather impressive looking lion sits, along with a few brothers, on the outside of Queen Victoria’s royal train carriage.

  • The Green Door Lion

    The Green Door Lion

    This month is dedicated to random objects, which is a broad subject but one that I am looking forward to working through. We start with a lion shaped door-knocker, found recently in the city of York.

  • Lion in the Shadows

    Lion in the Shadows

    Here’s another lion photo, this one from many, many years ago. There’s something very evocative about male lions, with their huge manes, powerful roar, and expressive faces. What is he thinking about?

  • The Queen

    The Queen

    To accompany yesterday’s portrait of an Asiatic lion, here is an Asiatic lioness…

  • The King

    The King

    Here’s a photo from the archive, dusted off and published online for the first time. It’s a male asiatic lion. Look at the pride on his face.

  • The Liquid Lion

    The Liquid Lion

    Here’s a small (water) feature. It’s just a tiny stone water spout in the shape of a lion.

  • The Doorstop Guardian

    The Doorstop Guardian

    Agatha Christie’s Devonshire house, Greenway, is full of items the famous author collected over the years. Including a pair of oriental stone guardians that still stand either side of the main entrance. What did this image teach me? The Chinese name for these lion-guardians is shishi and they are said to ward off harmful influences…

  • The Stone Lion

    The Stone Lion

    This stone carving, combining elements of a lion and the “green man” lives in a pillar is Pisa, Italy. What did this image teach me? Well, I’m not sure I’ve learned this yet but I do know that there’s a lot of hidden meaning behind these kind of iconographic carvings. I just need to research…