Tag: monochrome

  • King on Horseback

    King on Horseback

    Here’s another look at the King of Romania on his horse.

  • Bucharest Time

    Bucharest Time

    Here’s another shot of the clock I found whilst exploring Bucharest.

  • Stone Guardians

    Stone Guardians

    These two muscular statues stand guard either side of an ornate gateway, somewhere in the heart of Bucharest. I’m wonder who designed and built them? Who commissioned the work? Why? When? I should probably do some research!

  • Stone Face

    Stone Face

    Looking up, I saw this slightly stern stone face staring down at me. What is he guarding?

  • Turret Shadows

    Turret Shadows

    I liked the way the light and shadow worked on these turrets, and by converting it from colour to monochrome, I hope it has picked up something of a hand drawn, almost pencil on paper feel… that’s the plan anyway. This is my last shot of the turrets that sit on top of the church…

  • The Top of the Bank

    The Top of the Bank

    Taking three years to build, the CEC Palace (of which this shot shows just the very top of the tallest dome) is home to the very first bank opened in Romania. We will see more of this great building tomorrow.

  • I See You

    I See You

    Ah, we haven’t had any portrait photography here for a while, so here we go – with a mean and moody look. Definitely suited to black and white.

  • The Jacobite In Grey

    The Jacobite In Grey

    This is The Lone Highlander, he stands atop the Glenfinnan Memorial, standing on the edge of Loch Shiel. This shot was taken through the undergrowth.

  • A Maltese Falcon

    A Maltese Falcon

    I found this stone bird statue whilst exploring Malta a few years ago.