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  • Blue & Green

    Blue & Green

    Two of the three species of Peacock are native to India, and they carry a lot of cultural weight, for example the Hindu god of war rides a peacock.

  • Peacock Blue

    Peacock Blue

    These birds are fascinating in so many different ways. For example, did you know that the peacock is really known as an Indian Peafowl (the male is called a peacock, and the female is a peahen). What did this image teach me? Peacocks appear in quite a few mythologies. In Buddhism, for example, is the…

  • The One-Eyed Peafowl

    The One-Eyed Peafowl

    This fantastic green peafowl (peacock) seems to be quite happy living life with just a single eye (which, obviously, you can’t see in this shot). What did this image teach me? Whilst I have recently learned that there are such things as green peacocks, I have also learned that male green peafowl have harems of…

  • Green Peacock

    Green Peacock

    Sticking with the bird theme for another day, here is a rather haughty looking Green Peacock. What did this image teach me? That there’s more than one type of peacock out there! Who knew? Probably everyone but me.