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  • Red Faced

    Red Faced

    So, what was the answer to yesterday’s little quiz? Let’s find out… Red pandas are not related to Pandas (the black and white kind) at all. Rather, red pandas share more in common with raccoons, skunks, and weasels.

  • The Red Panda Portrait

    The Red Panda Portrait

    This rather serious looking character is a red panda, Do you know which animals this creature is considered to be closely related to? Put your guesses in the comments below. I will provide the answer tomorrow.

  • The Colour Poppy

    The Colour Poppy

    Here’s an alternative version of yesterday’s poppy image, taken at the same (though from a slightly different angle) and this time in full colour.

  • Captured Ice

    Captured Ice

    Here’s a small scene, just some ice and snow held in place in the crook of a tiny red twig.

  • The Red Door

    The Red Door

    If you know where to look in Edinburgh, you can find this distinctive red door.

  • A Splash of Red

    A Splash of Red

    Another water-based abstract image, this time capturing a little splash in some red water.

  • The Red Man

    The Red Man

    I make no excuses for how odd this picture is. That’s a real human being under there, he was parading around Wimbleball Reservoir during the 70.3 Ironman competition. Why? Because he was a K-Swiss product advertiser, and this is how they dressed him (and his colleagues) up. I know it’s odd, but I can’t help…

  • Red-crested Turaco

    Red-crested Turaco

    Thank you to everyone who helped me identify this bird. I can confirm it is a red-crested Turaco. It is native to western Angola, and is a frugivore (fruit eater).

  • Parachute Red | White | Blue

    Parachute Red | White | Blue

    I am very happy to watch others jump out of a plane with nothing but a fancy bed sheet strapped to their back, but I don’t ever want to do it myself. This shot was taken in San Diego.