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  • Rat Snake Dark

    Rat Snake Dark

    Here’s a moody, noir-ish style photo of a red-tailed rat snake.

  • The Snake Eye

    The Snake Eye

    I’m afraid I don’t know what type of snake this is, but it looks very python-esque to me. Anyone speak parseltongue?

  • The Littlest Lizard

    The Littlest Lizard

    From yesterday’s komodo dragon to today’s tiny reptile at the very other end of the size scale.

  • Colour Changer

    Colour Changer

    Reptiles are fascinating, and chameleon’s are especially so – not only do that have all of that reptilian strangeness, they can also change the colour of their skin at will! Imagine if we could do that? I learned that the way chameleons change their colour is fundamentally different to the way other animals such as…

  • The Grey Dragon

    The Grey Dragon

    Reptiles are fascinating creatures, I mean just look at their skin… covered in scales, the fact that in most cases they don’t / can’t maintain an internal body temperature, and that almost all of them lay eggs (though some snakes do give birth to live young). Fascinating and so different to us. The oldest known…

  • The Little Lizard

    The Little Lizard

    I spotted this little chap scurrying around the rocks and sand in Cyprus, looking for lunch. What did this image teach me? That spotting sandy coloured reptiles amongst sandy coloured rocks can be a challenge.