Scottish Rocks

These rocks stand ancient and strong near the top end of the Isle of Skye. I think there’s something distinctly otherworldly about this location. It could almost be Mars, couldn’t it?

Sky, Mountain, Rock, and Water

This is one of my favourite shots, from one of my favourite locations in the whole, wide, world. This is the view from Sligachan across to the Cuillins on the Isle of Skye. You have to get here early to avoid the tourists, but it is definitely worth it.

Bow Fiddle

This fine looking natural rock formation, known as Bow Fiddle Rock, lives on the coast at Portknockie, Scotland.

Bedding Planes

Some interesting and abstract bedding planes, if you know where to go you can find these cracking rock formations in Cornwall.


The NASA robot, Perseverance, is right now searching the surface of Mars looking for signs of water, signs of life. If it’s lucky perhaps it’ll find a scene a bit like this one? I can confirm that this water and these rocks were most definitely found on Earth.