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  • San Diego Skyline

    San Diego Skyline

    I managed to snap this quite shot of the sky over San Diego several years ago. I really enjoyed my time in San Diego, down by the water. I definitely need to go back, one day, and do a lot more exploring in this area. This photo shows the skyline of Downtown San Diego. You’ll…

  • That Kiss

    That Kiss

    There’s a very famous World War II photograph of a couple (a nurse and a navy man) having a passionate kiss in the middle of Times Square, New York as they celebrated VJ Day. You’ve probably got a picture of it in your mind right now. Well, in San Diego they have a huge statue…

  • Sailing in San Diego

    Sailing in San Diego

    Here’s a boat, sailing along the coast of San Diego. What did this image teach me? If anything it taught me that I know very little nautical terminology… I mean, I can’t even name this type of boat, can you?

  • The Little Palace

    The Little Palace

    This small tower is part of the larger California Building, found in Balboa Park (San Diego). There are many interesting architectural sites in this park, but the California Building is probably the most striking – as it is such a unique blend of architectural influences. What did this image teach me? That I need to…