Tag: Sepia

  • The River Boat

    The River Boat

    This is a view of the River Dart, and a single boat waiting for its owner to come along and sail away. What did this image teach me? That sometimes removing the colour from a shot enhances the overall image – the full colour version of this one shows the somewhat unappealing murky brown water…

  • Burrow Mump

    Burrow Mump

    As you will probably know already, this is perhaps my favourite location to photograph, and I having been visiting here for many years. What did this image teach me? This shot was originally taken seven years ago, and lost in the archive ever since; so it taught me to never stop searching through old photos…

  • Coot Run

    Coot Run

    These fantastic water birds are very good at walking / running on water whenever the need arises. What did this image teach me? Timing is…. … …. ….. ….. …… ……… …everything.

  • Seed Pod

    Seed Pod

    Here’s one of Mother Nature’s interesting designs… What did this image teach me? I really like sepia tones.