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  • The Star Over The Tyre Tree

    The Star Over The Tyre Tree

    I enjoyed finding this pink tinsel star sitting atop a stack of tractor tyres, painted green and looking very much like a Christmas tree. There are many obscure Christmas sculptures out there, for example did you know that you can find Christmas trees made of green glass bottles, lego pieces, and even one in the…

  • Star on the Boardwalk

    Star on the Boardwalk

    This white star is (or was) painted on the boards of Santa Monica Pier. I’m not sure if it was meant to represent anything in particular, or was just part of the overall theme? I liked it, either way. One aspect of photography that I particularly enjoy is finding compositions that emphasise lines and shapes.

  • Stone Star

    Stone Star

    This star, and many others just like it, can be found at the Cassino War Cemetery, built at the foot of Montecassino in Italy. The WWII battle to take the abbey on the hill at Montecassino was one of the fiercest battles that took place on Italian ground. Never to forget.