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  • The Plymouth Seabeast

    The Plymouth Seabeast

    Not far from where the Mayflower set off from Plymouth all those centuries ago, you’ll find this incredible sea creature.

  • The King on Horseback

    The King on Horseback

    This is another great Romanian from history, his name is Carol I, the first King of Romania. During his reign, in the later part of the 19th century, he delivered Romania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire.

  • Spiru Haret

    Spiru Haret

    Continuing with our Romanian theme, here’s a picture of Spiru Haret (well, a picture of his statue near the university). Spiru (1851 – 1912) was a scientist and mathematician who revolutionised the education system in Romania by setting up schools for young children as well as adults.

  • Michael The Brave

    Michael The Brave

    This statue depicts one of Romania’s greatest heroes, the unifier Michael the Brave (or Mihai Pătrașcu as he was born). For the last couple of centuries he has been viewed as a symbol of Romanian unity. Born in Wallachia, he was also ruler of Moldavia and Transylvania. He marked the first time in history that…

  • Stone Guardians

    Stone Guardians

    These two muscular statues stand guard either side of an ornate gateway, somewhere in the heart of Bucharest. I’m wonder who designed and built them? Who commissioned the work? Why? When? I should probably do some research!

  • Head and Shoulders

    Head and Shoulders

    Corneliu Coposu was born in Transylvania in 1916, he played a key role in uniting Transylvania with the Romanian state. He was a keen proponent of tolerance and inclusivity, which lead him into a political life. He spent many years in prison for his beliefs, including an eight year stint in solitary confinement.

  • Corneliu Coposu

    Corneliu Coposu

    There are a lot of statues around Bucharest, in Romania. This is one of them that I found whilst exploring the city. This is Corneliu Coposu, a political leader, and one of the more important members of society.

  • The Lone Highlander

    The Lone Highlander

    The 1745 Jacobite Rising began on the very spot this statue stands, upon the shores of Loch Shiel in the Highlands of Scotland. Bonnie Prince Charlie arrived here and began the uprising which ultimately ended in failure at the Battle of Culloden about eight months later.

  • The Jacobite In Grey

    The Jacobite In Grey

    This is The Lone Highlander, he stands atop the Glenfinnan Memorial, standing on the edge of Loch Shiel. This shot was taken through the undergrowth.