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  • Street. Lamp.

    Street. Lamp.

    This shot was taken in Lisbon a few years ago. I think I’ve been slightly obsessed with street lamps for a while now – I should probably do something about that.

  • Light Fantastic

    Light Fantastic

    I know it’s a bit strange, but one of the things I enjoy about exploring cities across the world is how they design their street lamps. They all perform the very same function, and yet everywhere you go they look a little different. I wonder who designs them for a living?

  • Texaco Sign

    Texaco Sign

    Texaco started life in 1902 as the Texas Fuel Company, and whilst the current logo for Texaco has a white star with a red background, this one (found on what was Route 66) has a red star and green T shape which dates it to around 1913.

  • Street Art (Florence Style)

    Street Art (Florence Style)

    Just look at the talent on display by this street artist here! Incredible.

  • Something Missing

    Something Missing

    This street artist attempted to maintain the illusion of not having a head. Just to confirm there really was a person in there, their arms and legs were moving.

  • On The Streets of San Francisco

    On The Streets of San Francisco

    I really enjoyed my time wandering the streets of San Francisco. I knew it would be hilly, but I didn’t realise just how hilly it would be. Every street seems to have a sharp incline or decline. At least, that’s how it felt to me as I marched around on a hot summer’s day many…