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  • Tree Light

    Tree Light

    How often do you see a lightbulb nestled into the branches of a tree? In my experience, not often (although tune in again tomorrow for another variation on this).

  • Palm Sky

    Palm Sky

    I found this sharp looking palm tree whilst wandering the streets of Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • The Robin

    The Robin

    And here, at last, we have made it to the final day of 2021. Thank you all so much for following along this year (and last). I have posted every single day now for 731 days without fail. This is the end of a very, very long challenge (two years in the making), and I…

  • Frozen Trees

    Frozen Trees

    Here are some frozen trees, surrounded by solid, icy water… it was a very chilly morning, I can tell you.

  • Sun Rise Over The Trees

    Sun Rise Over The Trees

    Living in the countryside definitely has its advantages…

  • Snow Stump

    Snow Stump

    Exploring the woods in the winter…

  • Pebbles on a Beech

    Pebbles on a Beech

    Ok, I’m not sure that the wood these pebbles are sitting on is actually a beech tree, but hopefully you can forgive me that little oversight…

  • The Ivy Tree

    The Ivy Tree

    This shot is in 16 x 9 format, which is the same aspect ratio that you get in cinemas and modern TVs. I wanted this image to have something of a cinematic feel, as though someone had just paused a film. The dense greenery could be hiding anything…

  • Tree & Field

    Tree & Field

    This tree (though not this photo) featured on the cover of my very first book, As I See It, way back in 2009. The book collected about 80 of my best photos from 2005 – 2009, including several landscape shots. So, I thought sharing a new, alternative version of this image would make a fitting…