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  • Fence Lines

    Fence Lines

    Another day, another snowy scene…

  • Great White

    Great White

    Still something of an unusual sight here in the U.K., this great white egret was stalking for fish along the local, flooded river.

  • Pink, Black, and White

    Pink, Black, and White

    Here’s a swan swimming on one of the local rivers, the water catching a reflection of the pink, wintry sun. I like the way the ripples seem to spread out like wings.

  • Whiteness


    Here’s a pair of abstract images, examining the colour (or is it combination of colours?) that is white…

  • The White Lady

    The White Lady

    This statue is hidden amongst the greenery at A La Ronde, a National Trust property in Devon.

  • The Lighthouse on Eilean Musdile

    The Lighthouse on Eilean Musdile

    This lighthouse, built in 1833 by famed Scottish civil engineer Robert Stevenson, sits upon the tiny island of Eilean Musdile. If you catch the ferry from Oban to Mull you will pass very closely to this historic building.

  • Silky White

    Silky White

    I really liked the silky texture of this flower. It was blooming in the boughs of a large tree. The light was great, and really helped with this shot.

  • Parachute Red | White | Blue

    Parachute Red | White | Blue

    I am very happy to watch others jump out of a plane with nothing but a fancy bed sheet strapped to their back, but I don’t ever want to do it myself. This shot was taken in San Diego.

  • The White Cliffs

    The White Cliffs

    No, this isn’t Dover… it’s Lulworth in Dorset. Near Durdle Door.