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  • Old Reflections

    Old Reflections

    This shot shows the first bank in Bucharest reflected in the windows of a nearby modern building. I liked the way the bank is carved up into different sections as each window reflects its image in a slightly different way. Old and new combined.

  • The Wizard’s Window

    The Wizard’s Window

    This is the view of the window from within Professor Dumbledore’s office. You can, hopefully, just see some previous Hogwarts headmaster portraits on the edges of this shot.

  • The Urn in the Window

    The Urn in the Window

    Here’s another shot from Castle Drogo, just highlighting some of the many little details that you can find as you explore the rooms within this modern castle.

  • The Lady in the Window

    The Lady in the Window

    This “lady” was hanging around in a window in London, as part of the Christmas display.

  • Drogo Window

    Drogo Window

    This is one of the large, bright windows you can find in Castle Drogo, the last castle built in England.

  • The Wooden Window

    The Wooden Window

    Here’s an interesting, and slightly random thing… a wooden window built into an old stone wall. I found this at Snows Hill, a National Trust property.

  • The Wheel in the Window

    The Wheel in the Window

    I like the lines and shapes in this shot, plus the colour of the foliage behind the wobbly window.

  • The Bright Window

    The Bright Window

    Can you believe it’s May already? The days are just flying by! It’s a new month, and a new theme… Colours. Yes, that’s right, I promise not to post a single black and white image this month. Over the next 31 days I will share a set of images in a wide variety of subjects…

  • The Stained Window

    The Stained Window

    I find stained glass windows to be fascinating… they each contain so many stories, not just in the imagery depicted but also in the history of their creation. What did this image teach me? The oldest known stained glass still in place and visible is the image of the Prophet Daniel, at Augsburg Cathedral in…