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  • Snow White Water

    Snow White Water

    Another shot from over 10 years ago, this time of a canal lined on either side by snow, whilst the low winter sun gives a golden hue to the trees. And so this image brings this year on Needlemind to a close. Thank you ALL so much for following along as I’ve posted at least…

  • The Star Over The Tyre Tree

    The Star Over The Tyre Tree

    I enjoyed finding this pink tinsel star sitting atop a stack of tractor tyres, painted green and looking very much like a Christmas tree. There are many obscure Christmas sculptures out there, for example did you know that you can find Christmas trees made of green glass bottles, lego pieces, and even one in the…

  • Merry Christmas 2020

    Merry Christmas 2020

    Good morning all, and may I wish you all a very merry festive winter season. I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas specifically at this time of year, but a large percentage of the world does actually acknowledge and enjoy Christmas, as it is festive event in over 160 countries each year. For me, the…

  • Nutcracker


    Here’s a traditional Christmas nutcracker, which comes from German folklore. They are said to represent good luck, and will ward off bad spirits when you put them out. Nutcracker dolls originate from the late 1600s in Germany, and were traditionally given as gifts. At some point over the centuries this gift giving became associated with…

  • Isolation


    We are living in a truly unusual time, stress and anxiety are rife, people are self-isolating, keeping up social distancing, and still trying to maintain something that could pass for a normal life. What did this image teach me? I wonder how this time will be recalled, when future generations look back at history?

  • Marmalade 2020

    Marmalade 2020

    Yes, it’s that time of year again – Marmalade Madness Season™. Although, to be fair, I do quite enjoy the fact that my house smells of bitter oranges and lemons for a day or two each January. Seems fitting, some how, as though it’s part of living in the countryside. What did this image teach…

  • 42


    I’ve reached that age where thoughts turn to life, the universe, and everything… and you really start to think about the time given to you, and how best to make use of it. If you can. That’s why I’ve revamped my blog. Started fresh. Given myself a little room to breath and take stock of…