Category: Landscape

  • A Clear Cold Sky

    A Clear Cold Sky

    Here’s a photo from a few years ago… it seems appropriate for the current cold spell we’re going through. This image was taken whilst exploring Exmoor.

  • Grey Skye

    Grey Skye

    Here’s a shot of a sunny Isle of Skye location, taken quite some time ago now. Can you picture yourself standing on that patch of grass at the bottom, enjoying the wilderness? This is the start of a short series of monochromatic photos.

  • The Cold Hill

    The Cold Hill

    Here’s a shot from Exmoor, taken several years ago.

  • Snow Lines

    Snow Lines

    So there are parts of Britain that get snow regularly, and there are other parts (my neck of the woods) where snow is something of a rarity. Yet it does sometimes happen, as evidenced here…

  • The Sun Over Somerset

    The Sun Over Somerset

    Ah, it’s new theme day… and as November rolls in, our focus shifts to keeping things local. This month’s photos will all be from Southwest England. Starting with this beautiful, misty sunrise taken whilst standing on the top of Burrow Mump.

  • Pink Sky Over A Dark Coast

    Pink Sky Over A Dark Coast

    Let’s bring this month of landscapes (and cityscapes, and seascapes) to a close with an early morning shot of the Devonshire coast, the clouds catching the first rays of sunlight. Thank you once again for following along this month, tomorrow a new theme will begin…

  • Over The Sea To Skye

    Over The Sea To Skye

    Here’s a shot of the water between mainland Scotland and the beautiful Isle of Skye in the distance.

  • Desert Sands

    Desert Sands

    Here’s the last shot from this mini-Dubai set, and this time it doesn’t feature skyscrapers, or anything man-made.

  • Dubai Marina

    Dubai Marina

    Here’s another Dubai cityscape, this time featuring the man-made marina.