Category: Found in Somerset

  • This Little Light

    This Little Light

    Here’s a cool little thing…

  • Train Men

    Train Men

    Boys and their toys, huh?

  • Point Your Toes

    Point Your Toes

    Pareidolia is about seeing faces in every day objects, but I’m not sure what the word for seeing an entire human being in a plant is! Is it just me or is this plant sticking its arms out and kicking up one leg? No? Maybe it’s just me… and perhaps that’s why I can’t find…

  • Sheep on the Stone

    Sheep on the Stone

    Hidden away in the depths of Somerset are the Stanton Drew stone circles and coves. They form the 3rd largest set of standing stones in England, having been built some 4,500 years ago. Yet they are not really very well known. Unless you’re a sheep, that is.

  • Platform 2

    Platform 2

    This is the platform sign from Minehead railway station, and this brings our short train journey to a close.

  • 75069


    All aboard! This shot is the start of a mini-set of steam train related photos. Choo-choo!

  • Ham Hill War Memorial

    Ham Hill War Memorial

    This war memorial, more formally known as the Stoke-Sub-Hamdon war memorial, sits atop an old iron age hill fort called Ham Hill. It commemorates those who fought in World War 1, World War 2, and Northern Ireland. It was designed by a Mr W Bussell from nearby Montacute, and constructed by the Ham Hill and…

  • The Dark Tree

    The Dark Tree

    I really enjoy black and white photography, I think the absence of colour allows the image to focus on other things – contrasts between dark and light, textures, composition. This tree, found upon the hill at Burrow Mump was ideally placed against a bright sky.

  • Burrow Mump (from the archive)

    Burrow Mump (from the archive)

    Here’s a location that I haven’t posted about in a while! Yep, it’s a couple of older shots of Burrow Mump (from almost a decade ago) that have never seen the light of day before.