Category: Street Photography

  • The Plymouth Seabeast

    The Plymouth Seabeast

    Not far from where the Mayflower set off from Plymouth all those centuries ago, you’ll find this incredible sea creature.

  • King on Horseback

    King on Horseback

    Here’s another look at the King of Romania on his horse.

  • Street. Lamp.

    Street. Lamp.

    This shot was taken in Lisbon a few years ago. I think I’ve been slightly obsessed with street lamps for a while now – I should probably do something about that.

  • Birditude


    This pigeon was definitely not afraid of me. If anything it was the other way around!

  • The King on Horseback

    The King on Horseback

    This is another great Romanian from history, his name is Carol I, the first King of Romania. During his reign, in the later part of the 19th century, he delivered Romania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire.

  • The Union Building

    The Union Building

    Built in that distinctive Art Deco style, this building started life in the early 1930s as a hotel. Nowadays it functions as an (admittedly cool looking) office block.

  • Golden Walls

    Golden Walls

    If you stand in just the right place, at just the right time you can see these beautiful golden walls lit up by the early morning sun in the city of Bucharest. That should also translate as: I don’t know where I was, but it was very pleasant.

  • Bucharest Time

    Bucharest Time

    Here’s another shot of the clock I found whilst exploring Bucharest.

  • Bucharest 1459

    Bucharest 1459

    As I explored the streets of Bucharest I came across several of these clocks. I’m not entirely sure if they exist for decorative purposes or if they’re supposed to be useable? You see, it definitely wasn’t almost half past four (morning or evening) when I took this photograph.