Category: Travel Photography

  • King on Horseback

    King on Horseback

    Here’s another look at the King of Romania on his horse.

  • Street. Lamp.

    Street. Lamp.

    This shot was taken in Lisbon a few years ago. I think I’ve been slightly obsessed with street lamps for a while now – I should probably do something about that.

  • The King on Horseback

    The King on Horseback

    This is another great Romanian from history, his name is Carol I, the first King of Romania. During his reign, in the later part of the 19th century, he delivered Romania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire.

  • The Hidden Glow

    The Hidden Glow

    Here’s another take on yesterday’s lightbulb in a tree… I know it’s an odd image but there’s something about the glow of those filaments in their glass container, hidden behind so many leaves that really appeals to me.

  • Tree Light

    Tree Light

    How often do you see a lightbulb nestled into the branches of a tree? In my experience, not often (although tune in again tomorrow for another variation on this).

  • Golden Walls

    Golden Walls

    If you stand in just the right place, at just the right time you can see these beautiful golden walls lit up by the early morning sun in the city of Bucharest. That should also translate as: I don’t know where I was, but it was very pleasant.

  • Bucharest Time

    Bucharest Time

    Here’s another shot of the clock I found whilst exploring Bucharest.

  • Spiru Haret

    Spiru Haret

    Continuing with our Romanian theme, here’s a picture of Spiru Haret (well, a picture of his statue near the university). Spiru (1851 – 1912) was a scientist and mathematician who revolutionised the education system in Romania by setting up schools for young children as well as adults.

  • Michael The Brave

    Michael The Brave

    This statue depicts one of Romania’s greatest heroes, the unifier Michael the Brave (or Mihai Pătrașcu as he was born). For the last couple of centuries he has been viewed as a symbol of Romanian unity. Born in Wallachia, he was also ruler of Moldavia and Transylvania. He marked the first time in history that…