Episode 18 – The Bridgwater & Taunton Canal

In this episode we visit the historic Bridgwater & Taunton canal. This often overlooked part of the inland waterways, disconnected from the rest of the network, has a long and interesting history from its initial concept as the start of a gateway from the Bristol Channel to the English Channel (a project that sadly didn’t get much farther than the building of this canal), through its use during WWII and the unique Somerset Space Walk.






4 responses to “Episode 18 – The Bridgwater & Taunton Canal”

  1. robertwashington1 avatar

    Always interesting to see these episodes . I still feel a large map of the particular site visited would enhance the experience for all of your followers. Presentations continue to become more and more professional

    1. scott avatar

      Thank you. We are working on the map, it’s just proving to be a little trickier than first thought.

      1. robertwashington1r avatar

        Why not photograph parts of the guide book map ?

        1. scott avatar

          We have to be careful with copyright I’m afraid

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