Episode 32 – Heading Down Hill

Join us as we take a relaxing narrowboat journey through Foxhanger Locks at the bottom of the Caen Hill locks, and on through several locks and swing bridges as we head towards Bradford-on-Avon.


Foxhanger Locks

Caen Hill Marina


Seend Cleeve

Swing bridges 150 – 156


4 thoughts on “Episode 32 – Heading Down Hill

  1. robertwashington1 says:

    Nice and peaceful ; I would like to hear some engine noise ,prop wash and snippets of crew and passing bystander or participants conversation at times . I do realise that this may be a little more difficult to capture at the relevant time. Do the cameras have sound capture in their current format ;I realise the mobile phones do. the synchronisation I realise does require even more skills in the editing and cutting of this masterly series. thank you for another well thought out presentation.

    1. scott says:

      Thank you. Please stay tuned for further audio delights. I promise that there’s some genuine “boat sounds” on their way.

  2. felixalan says:

    Robert’s reply about engine noise would add atmosphere. Did you answer the question re canals on University Challenge this week ?

    1. scott says:

      Stay tuned for some genuine engine noise (though I promise it’s not as exciting as you might think), as for University Challenge, I haven’t watched this weeks yet. I’ll catch it on iPlayer and look out for that question


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