Episode 9 – Avon Calling

In this, the second episode of our Bath to Bristol (and back) trip along the Kennet & Avon canal / Avon River, we spend some time negotiating river locks, and Bristol Floating Harbour. We come across several rowers, persistent swans, and a bridge with holes in it.






2 responses to “Episode 9 – Avon Calling”

  1. robertwashington1 avatar

    These episodes are becoming better and better ;the continuity ,the commentary and some of the shots as well.I do realise a lot of thought and planning goes in to these productions, before shooting and the cutting and pasting. Do you dub some of the commentary on to the film after editing ?Does the main star and her accomplice rehearse before filming? The diction is certainly becoming measured and professional in its delivery . Thank you all for such an interesting film .This intense dedication is beginning to become apparent.

    1. scott avatar

      Thank you! Yes, we focus on commentary both when filming and afterwards – we need to invest in some better audio recording equipment, especially when on the boat as the engine noise can be quite a distraction.

      It’s comments like this that keep us going, so thank you so much.

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