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  • A Clear Cold Sky

    A Clear Cold Sky

    Here’s a photo from a few years ago… it seems appropriate for the current cold spell we’re going through. This image was taken whilst exploring Exmoor.

  • The Blue Door

    The Blue Door

    It may not be immediately obvious, but this is another shot from Brixham.

  • Most Expensive

    Most Expensive

    10 years ago the most expensive photo ever sold turned out to be a somewhat dull photo of some grass and sky? No? Well the check out the link below: Andreas Gursky’s Rhein II So, I was thinking if that abstract photo can fetch nearly $5,000,000 then why can’t one of my pictures? Here’s one…

  • Bubbles in Teal

    Bubbles in Teal

    Water provides so many unique opportunities for creating abstract shapes, here’s another one (I promise not to fixate on water-based images for too much longer)…

  • Blue & Green

    Blue & Green

    Two of the three species of Peacock are native to India, and they carry a lot of cultural weight, for example the Hindu god of war rides a peacock.

  • Blue Beach Hut

    Blue Beach Hut

    Land based beach huts are an evolution of the old Victorian wheeled bathing machines that they used to drive into the sea. The huts sprang up in the mid-to-late 19th Century in England, Australia, France, Italy, and South Africa. These days beach huts can be quite expensive, one sold in England in 2020 for £330,000!…

  • Parachute Red | White | Blue

    Parachute Red | White | Blue

    I am very happy to watch others jump out of a plane with nothing but a fancy bed sheet strapped to their back, but I don’t ever want to do it myself. This shot was taken in San Diego.

  • Souter Lighthouse

    Souter Lighthouse

    High up in the north east of England, on the coast of South Shields you will find this vibrant lighthouse.

  • Weston Wheel

    Weston Wheel

    This photo was taken several years ago, when there was a big wheel on the sea front at Weston-Super-Mare.