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  • Beneath the Tramway

    Beneath the Tramway

    Another shot from Dubai, another cityscape. This one focuses on the tramway, a reasonably recent additional to this reasonably recent city.

  • Dubai Marina

    Dubai Marina

    Here’s another Dubai cityscape, this time featuring the man-made marina.

  • Dubai Cityscape

    Dubai Cityscape

    I know I may be pushing the whole landscape theme a bit far with this one, but I wanted to include it anyway…

  • Icons of the Desert

    Icons of the Desert

    Sticking with the Dubai theme for just one more day, this shot contains several iconic buildings… Can you name them?

  • Future Architecture

    Future Architecture

    Here’s perhaps one of the most iconic hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs) in Dubai. This shot was taken from the water.

  • Dubai Boat

    Dubai Boat

    You can find all sorts of boats running up and down the coast in Dubai, from huge, expensive yachts to these tiny wooden vessels. The flag sat over the top of this boat is the flag of the UAE. It was designed in 1971 and the four colours are said to represent the unity between…

  • The Sand Coloured Skyscrapers

    The Sand Coloured Skyscrapers

    These tall buildings can be found in the JBR region of Dubai. What did this image teach me? I am a fan of lens flare, though I know lots of people are not.

  • The Silver Diver

    The Silver Diver

    This is another archive shot, from a trip to Dubai many years ago. You can find this diver, and many of his brothers, as part of the “human waterfalls” in the Dubai Mall. What did this image teach me? The waterfalls, and the fibreglass divers, were designed and created by DPA – Singapore Architects, and…