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  • Stone Face

    Stone Face

    Looking up, I saw this slightly stern stone face staring down at me. What is he guarding?

  • The Stone Face

    The Stone Face

    So who can tell me whereabouts in Somerset you’d find this stone face? There are a small number of them in this location.

  • The Creepy Clown

    The Creepy Clown

    There really is something quite disturbing about clowns, isn’t there? Something in the way the face is painted, it’s supposed to be jolly and friendly, and yet it always comes off as somewhat sinister. I mean, just look at that face – that smile, those eyes…

  • Turkey Face

    Turkey Face

    Look at that face! Turkey’s are native to North America. They were introduced to England in the 16th Century. There’s even a reference to a turkey in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

  • Garden Frog

    Garden Frog

    I found this frog hanging around the edge of the garden, just trying to mind it’s own business.

  • Horse Hair

    Horse Hair

    This rather stylish horse is a good example of this season’s fashion for the “dishevelled” look, complete with a strand of hay (not straw) resting gently in the forelock… That I know nothing of horses or fashion, and especially horse fashion but I can appreciate a fine forelock.

  • The Stone Face, Cracked

    The Stone Face, Cracked

    I found this ancient stone face in a museum on Cyprus. It was a small place, full of old stone objects. What did this image teach me? That even an old, cracked, crusty face is worth a photograph.

  • The Face in the Wall

    The Face in the Wall

    This stone visage looks over the scenery at Anacapri, Italy… What did this image teach me? To find interesting photography subjects no matter where you are, or what you see.