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  • Unknown Gull

    Unknown Gull

    Does anyone recognise this bird? Ok, perhaps not this exact bird, but its species… Update – July 8th: this bird has been positively identified as a Grey Gull.

  • Brixham Bird

    Brixham Bird

    Here’s a young gull enjoying life by the sea in Brixham, Devon.

  • Gull on Grey

    Gull on Grey

    Here’s the third (and final) bird on a coloured background photo… this time it’s a gull on grey:

  • That Gull Look

    That Gull Look

    I’ve never really studied the beak of a gull before, but look at this one… what is the purpose of that bright orange patch? Any ideas?

  • Black Head

    Black Head

    Here’s another black-headed gull, this time with his eponymous black head fully on show.

  • The Gull in the Puddle

    The Gull in the Puddle

    A gull used this very clear puddle as a convenient place to take a bath.

  • Little Bird on the Water

    Little Bird on the Water

    This gull just wanted to be alone, it remained quite a distance apart from the rest of the flock.

  • White Bird on Black Water

    White Bird on Black Water

    Gulls, they’re everywhere aren’t they? At least, they’re very common in my neck of the woods. So much so that they can often be overlooked (isn’t it strange how we do that with so many things that are all around us?) However, this particular bird happened to hang around on exactly the right patch of…

  • Grey Gull on Grey Water

    Grey Gull on Grey Water

    This bird was causing quite a ripple effect on the water, seemed to be enjoying itself though. What did this image teach me? Gulls may be a common sight around the country (not just at the seaside) but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored – they can make for an interesting subject.